This course aims for operational Mobile Harbor Crane (MHC) operators. The training course has a Practical as well as a Theoretical part. Result: after the training course, the trainees are able to work with a MHC in a safe and productive way, all according safety and legal regulations. Antverpia offers the patented Hand-Eye coordination test that helps to select the most suited trainees to start the training.

mobile harbour craneTargets:

  • To provide sufficient professional knowledge
  • Safety and prevention of accidents
  • Proper handling – damage prevention
  • Increase productivity – reduce maintenance costs.

Course member conditions:
Beginners ("from zero to hero" course)
Experienced operators ("increased moves/hour course")
Spreader-, grab- and hook operations.
Minimum age: 18 years.
The candidates possess sufficient responsibility and the correct working attitude.
Impeccable eyesight and hearing.

Practical information:

  • Where: at the clients company or terminal
  • When: at clients convenience depending on availability of GPT instructors
  • Duration of the training: depends on trainee’s experience
  • Detailed program and offer on request
  • Maximum: 2 trainees/ 1 instructor/ 1 crane