This course highlights all aspects of port work, loading and unloading of containers, loading and unloading of general cargo, heavy lifts, how to lash and hoist project cargo, lashing materials and lashing factors, how to work in a safe environment both for the worker as for his team mates, getting around on board of a ship, reading a cargo plan, and so much more. We aim to give the trainees a professional pride that represents an added value. This added value provides the necessary additional insight in the work at hand.

training portworker


  • To be able to calculate lashing factors
  • The use of personal safety gear
  • To make the right choice of lashing materials
  • What are the different types of cargo
  • To gain insight in the chain of activities
  • How to work in an orderly way
  • How to create a safe working environment
  • How to interpret a cargo plan
  • How to get around on board of a ship
  • International and local signals.
  • General introduction in shipping / who's who in a port / identify hazardous materials / types of vessels, ....

Course member conditions:
This course is intended for both the beginner as the more experienced operator with a minimum age of 18 years. One possesses sufficient responsibility, the correct attitude. Ones sight and hearing is impeccable.

Practical information:

  • Where: at the client’s company/terminal
  • When: at clients convenience
  • Duration: The duration is determined based on the trainees experience, knowledge and competences
  • How many trainees: determined in consultation with client