For all workers who during their daily activities have to drive lorries on and off board of ships. This course is for both the beginner as the more experienced driver. Specific courses can be organized in relation to the type of tugmaster: Safetyneck – Gooseneck. A combination of both is also available.


  • To teach the practical basic skills to become a professional operator. Besides safety a lot of attention is paid to the efficient and damage free working.

Course  member conditions:
This course is intended for both the beginner as the more experienced driver with a minimum age of 18 years. One possesses sufficient responsibility, the correct attitude. Ones sight and hearing is impeccable.

Practical information:

  • Where: at the clients company/terminal
  • When: at clients convenience
  • Duration: depends on the experience of the trainees (minimum 1 day)
  • How many trainees: maximum 2 trainees. (1 trainer/vehicle)